"Effect of sintering conditions on mixed ionic-electronic conducting properties of silver sulfide nanoparticles"

Shong Yin: Kazuya Terabe, Michael F. Toney, and Vivek Subramanian; Journal of Applied Physics, 03/13/12.

Additional Authors: Kazuya Terabe, Michael F. Toney, and Vivek Subramanian


The process dependence of the mixed ionic-electronic conductivity of sintered octadecylamine-encapsulated silver sulfide nanoparticle thin films has been studied and correlated with the film structure. Although grain growth begins around 120 °C, there is no significant electrical conductivity until 350 °C and mixed conductivity until 400 °C, when the nanoparticle encapsulant evaporates. Higher temperatures decompose the silver sulfide. In lateral structures, no filaments form until sintering at 400 °C. The process dependence of mixed ionic electronic conducting properties may provide a method for engineering materials for use in electrochemical metallization resistive random access memories.