"Mesoporous thin-film on highly-sensitive resonant chemical sensor for relative humidity and CO2 detection"

HJ Lee: K.K. Park, M. Kupnik, N.A. Melosh, B.T. Khuri-Yakub; Analytical Chemistry, 03/16/12.

Additional Authors: K.K. Park, M. Kupnik, N.A. Melosh, B.T. Khuri-Yakub


Distributed sensing of gas-phase chemicals is a promising application for mesoporous materials when combined with highly sensitive miniaturized gas sensors. We present a direct application of a mesoporous silica thin film on a highly sensitive miniaturized resonant chemical sensor with a mass sensitivity at the zeptogram scale for relative humidity and CO(2) detection. Using mesoporous silica thin-film, we report one of the lowest volume resolutions and a sensitive detection of 5.1 × 10(-4)% RH/Hz to water vapor in N(2), which is 70 times higher than a device with a nontemplated silica layer. In addition, a mesoporous thin-film that is functionalized with an amino-group is directly applied on the resonant sensor, which exhibits a volume sensitivity of 1.6 × 10(-4)%/Hz and a volume resolution of 1.82 × 10(-4)% to CO(2) in N(2).