Overnight stay within 50 miles of SLAC

Lawrence Berkeley Lab travel requiring overnight stay.

A trip to Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL) or the Advanced Light Source (ALS) is considered local travel, when less than 50 miles one-way from SLAC or person’s home. In this case only mileage/tolls/parking/transit will be reimbursed. No advance travel request is required.

However, sometimes getting beam time means that the scientist will have a work day longer than 12 hours.  In these instances, overnight lodging may be reimbursed.  Meals are still not reimbursable.

If you will be working longer than 12 hours in a day, fill out a travel request in Concur as usual. Select “yes” in the box for local travel.

When submitting the travel request, include:
a) a letter or email signed by your PI and SIMES Director stating who, when and why for the overnight stay in Berkeley.  See this example and instructions below
b) beam time schedule showing that you will be required to work 12 or more hours each day.

Once your PI has signed the letter, send it or an email from him/her, to Harold Hwang or his admin.  Associate Lab Director (ALD) approval is also required: for SIMES this is delegated to Harold Hwang as SIMES Director.

When you have both the PI and ALD (SIMES Director) approvals, attach the letter or email to your travel request, and submit the request.

See the SLAC Travel Quick Start Guide here https://travel.slac.stanford.edu/concur/quick-start-guides