News and Press Releases

Stanford researchers seek 'Holy Grail' in battery design

Andrew Myers; Stanford News, 07/29/14.

A Look Inside SLAC’s Battery Lab

SLAC news, 07/17/14.

Charging Ahead

Kate Galbraith; Stanford Alumni magazine, 07/14/14.

Researchers led by Stanford engineer figure out how to make more efficient fuel cells

Glen Martin; Stanford News, 07/09/14.

Harold Hwang wins prestigious European physics prize

Bjorn Carey; Stanford News, 06/18/14.

Scientists Find Stronger 3-D Material that Behaves Like Graphene

Glennda Chui; SLAC news, 06/02/14.

Revealed at Last: Atomic Mechanism for Historic Materials Transformation

Mike Ross; SLAC news, 05/01/14.

Tanks for the Batteries

Robert F. Service; Science, 04/25/14.

Scientists Watch High-temperature Superconductivity Emerge out of Magnetism

Glennda Chui; SLAC news, 04/24/14.

SLAC's Siegfried Glenzer Selected to Receive E.O. Lawrence Award

Glenn Roberts, Jr.; SLAC press release, 04/16/14.