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Ken Goodson

Stanford Mechanical Engineering


 Novel materials based on nanowires, nanoparticles, and thin-film multilayers are enabling breakthroughs in energy conversion, computation, and telecommunications.  Heat generation and transport often govern performance and reliability and pose fundamental questions:  What are the thermal conductivities of metal and semiconducting nanofilms and nanowires?  How do electrons, phonons, and photons exchange energy in nanoparticles?  Can nanoscale fluid management enable extreme cooling above 50 kW/cm2?  This seminar addresses these questions with a focus on the physics, metrology, and simulation techniques of nanoscale heat transfer.   Applications include thermoelectric waste heat recovery, RF amplifiers, and photonic sources and converters.
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 Prof. Ken Goodson will chair the Stanford Mechanical Engineering Department starting this September.  His PhD alumni include 14 professors at MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Purdue, UCLA, and other schools.  Goodson studied at MIT (PhD93), is a Fellow with ASME & IEEE, and has co-authored 170 archival journal articles and 32 patents.  Recognition includes the ASME Kraus Medal, the IEEE Thermi Award, plenary lectures at PHONONS, INTERPACK, THERMINIC, ITHERM, & SEMITHERM, and best/outstanding paper awards at SEMITHERM, ITHERM, and IEDM.  Goodson co-founded Cooligy, which built microfluidic cooling systems for Apple workstations and was acquired by Emerson in 2006.




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