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Yu Lin

Staff Scientist



Ph.D. in Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University

M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

B.S. in Earth Sciences, Nanjing University

Research Interests

My research centers on understanding the behavior of materials under extreme conditions. The application of pressure, coupled with temperature, strain rate, and photon irradiation, can induce dramatic changes on materials and give us a much broader field to search for new phases with desirable properties. Recent concurrent breakthroughs in high-pressure technology and next-generation synchrotron, neutron, and laser facilities have dramatically increased our ability to probe samples over a wide pressure-temperature range using a variety of in situ techniques. This enables the characterization, exploration, synthesis, and recovery of novel materials ranging from crystalline to amorphous solids at macro-meso-nano scales. Extreme environments also allow us to access a vastly expanded space for identifying metastable phases and discovering new transition pathways and dynamics. I take advantage of national and international synchrotron facilities and 4th generation light sources such as LCLS and future LCLS-II to study the materials perturbed by external stimuli alone and in combination.




  1. Static and dynamic compression
  2. X-ray diagnostics along with extreme environment capabilities
  3. Complex hybrid systems
  4. Beyond equilibrium states and dynamics
  5. Carbon-based nanomaterials
  6. Light-element energy systems; Hydrogen-rich materials



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