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Theodore H. Geballe, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics and of Materials Science and Engineering

(650) 723-0215

The unsolved problems that show up in high-temperature superconductors are fascinating challenges. I look for clues by trying to reconcile the diverse properties of these superconductors, and try to resolve them by synthesis of film and crystals.


PhD,  University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

There are known to be a few high Tc cuprate superconductors whose Tcs are enhanced over what would be expected by comparison with related cuprates.  I work with Steven Kivelson and Sri Raghu to develop models responsible for the enhancement. To test these models experimentally it is essential to have excellent control over structure and composition.  This is accomplished with Ian Fisher’s group starting with the growth of appropriate single crystals,  and with  Mac Beasley’s group and  Bob Hammond starting with the deposition of metastable and epitaxial thin films and interfaces.  One major goal is to discover new superconductors.


Search for Novel Superconductor


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