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Member, National Academy of Sciences 2010


I am interested in the qualitative understanding of the macroscopic and collective properties of condensed matter systems, and on the relation between this and the microscopic physics at the single electron or single molecule scale.

I have been particularly interested in exploring the spectacular consequences of strong correlation effects in electronic materials and devices where the low energy properties are qualitatively different from those of a non interacting electron gas. This field of study has been made particularly rich and exciting by the seemingly non-ending sequence of unexpected experimental discoveries that have occurred in over the past couple of decades — discoveries which undermine accepted beliefs and raise conceptually deep questions concerning the emergent behavior of systems with many strongly interacting degrees of freedom.


PhD, Harvard University


Research Interests

I work on problems related to the collective behaviors of strongly correlated electron fluids in electronically interesting materials and solid-state devices, for example:

  • The electronic properties of the cuprate perovskites
  • Unconventional superconductors
  • Quantum phase transitions


  • Theoretical Condensed Matter


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