Oscar Tjernberg (SIMES Friday Seminar)

Date(s) - Apr 11 2014
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Shasta Room, Bldg. 40, Room 361


Topological Crystalline Insulators

 Oscar Tjernberg

KTH, Sweden

The discovery of topological insulators a few years back has stimulated an intense research effort into the manipulation and possible application of these materials as well as a hunt for new materials with non-trivial topology including topological superconductors. Whereas the unusual edge properties with helical Dirac Fermions in topological insulators are protected by time reversal symmetry it was recently discovered that this is not the only possible protecting symmetry. This talk will focus on the recent discovery of topological crystalline insulators where the edge states are protected by crystal symmetry rather than time reversal symmetry. The properties of these new materials will be compared to those of the topological insulators and I will try to point out some of the differences and the new possibilities that topological crystalline materials open up.