Martin Aeschlimann (Special SIMES Seminar)

Date(s) - Aug 14 2015
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sycamore Room, Building 40, room 195


All-optical control of magnetic order

 M. Aeschlimann

University of Kaiserslautern and Research Center OPTIMAS, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany


The demand for increasing speed of information storage is indeed great. Conventional magnetization reversal is still limited to the nanosecond regime. This has triggered intense research activities for finding ways to control the magnetization at ultrashort time scales. In this regard, ultra-fast magnetization reversal processes induced by circular polarized femtosecond laser pulses were first observed in ferrimagnetic rare earth-transition metal (RE-TM) alloy thin films [1], and recently in synthetic ferrimagnetic heterostructures [2] as well as in ferromagnetic Co/Pt thin films and multilayers [3] where the direction of the switching is determined by the helicity of light in absence of any external applied magnetic fields. This observation opens a broad range of exciting applications based on ultrafast all-optical switching. This talk will present a review of recent experimental results in this field.


[1] C.D. Stanciu et al., Phys. Rev. Lett 99, 047601 (2007)

[2] S. Mangin et al, Nature Materials 13, 286 (2014)

[3] C.-H. Lambert et al, Science 345 (6202), 1337 (2014)