Hongtao Yuan (SIMES Seminar)

Date(s) - Jan 29 2016
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sycamore Room, Building 40, room 195


Electronic Phase Control with an Electric Field

 Hongtao Yuan


Staff Scientist, SLAC

An electron in a solid, bound to or nearly localized on the specific atomic site, has three attributes: charge, spin, and orbital. Electric-field control of these internal degrees of freedoms of electrons has attracted much attention since it is remarkably simple to modulate physical properties of condensed matters and to explore new functionalities within a transistor geometry. Especially when a new type of transistor, known as electric-double-layer transistor (EDLT) with ionic liquids as the gate dielectrics, has recently been proved powerful for tuning electronic states and even for creating novel states of matter which are impossible or difficult to obtain in conventional methods. In this talk, I present the our latest transport results for modulating the charge states and spin-orbit coupling in layered transition metal chalcogenides using EDL transistors, mainly including the following: 1) Liquid gate induced superconductivity in monolayer and bilayer MoS2 flakes near their ultrathin 2D limit and the underlying mechanism of electric field modulated electron-phonon coupling; 2) Electrical generation and control of the spin-coupled-valley photocurrent in WSe2 based on the circular photogalvanic effect.